Our BeersWhy Craft?

We are proud to be the first producer of craft beer in Nepal.

Currently we only produce our flagship beer, Khumbu Kolsch. Kolsch is a particular style of beer from Germany. Unlike most beers in Nepal, it is brewed with ale yeast, providing more complex flavors. It is a crsip and easy drinking beer with hints of noble German hops in the aroma. We are confident the taste experience will delight you.

What is craft beer?
Since we are the first craft brewery in Nepal it is important to explain exactly what this phrase"craft beer" means. Over the past 30 years the craft beer Renaissance in the US has not only taken over America, but now is spreading worldwide. We believe this is because people enjoy beer with real flavor, real quality, and made by people at small independent breweries.
Small - We brew all of our beer in small batches by professional brewers
Independent - We are independently owned and not part of a mass market brewery group or holding company
Traditional - We only use natural and high quality ingredients, we do not sacrifice quality for cheap ingredients or additives
Why the can?
We package our beer in aluminum cans because it’s good for the beer, and the environment.

It keeps beer fresh - Cans keep out light and oxygen better than glass bottles

Easy to recycle

Light Weight - Requires less fuel for transport

Where Can I Learn More?

With so much information available online these days about craft beer we recommend these websites to learn more.

Craftbeer.com - Perhaps the best website for the craft beer beginner, this website is managed by the U.S. Brewers Association